[Answered] Stage Setup: IZZY3

  • My MBP connections: Thunderbolt#1 to TH2go and Thunderbolt#2 to VGA splitter.

    My IZZY3 Stage Setup: for TH2go stage1 display2 left third, stage2 display2 center third, stage3 display2 right third and for VGA splitter stage4 display3. 

    This works fine. See attached photo. When I add stage5 on display2 that will put an image across all three surfaces, it causes left and right thirds to become invisible. How do I configure Stage Setup to allow all these projections options? Thanks for your recommendations.

  • Tech Staff

    You can't layer stages in that way.
    So if Display 2 already is outputting (left, center, and right, using 3 stages)..
    You can't create another stage that also uses Display 2, but I do understand why you tried this.

    Stage Setup can't be used for layering/compositing. (well stage blending is the only exception).

    If you want to output a single image to Display 2, you need to do it thru the already defined stages (left, center, right).
    So you need to play the wide image, then 'chopper' it into 3 streams (left center right) that feed as inputs to the already existing stages (left center right).

    I hope that's clear.

  • @dusx: perfectly clear; thank you!!

  • Hello @bill-cottman,

    you are welcome to vote for the regarding feature request. ;-)


    Thank you Dill