• Hi,

    We're looking to create a video wall made up of iPads, so the group of iPads shows one big video.

    Can anyone think of a creative solution for this in Isadora?

    It'll be 15 iPads together.


  • With Izzy 3, you can output NDI, so you could maybe split the main image into 15 separate 'screens/projectors' that are each sent as NDI outputs, and display these on the iPads using the IOS NDI Monitor (https://apps.apple.com/hu/app/ndi-monitor/id1196221514). 

    I have to admit that I have no idea how much strain this would put on your system (I've run 5 NDI outs from a not massively powerful device, and it worked ok), but this was over a wired network, so doing it wirelessly might also be an issue? 

    Others might have much better ideas, but I'm loving the flexibility of NDI & Izzy, so thought I'd mention that! 

  • Tech Staff

    Oof.. This is quite a hard question to solve. NDI is for sure an powerfull tool, and if you get an expensive router it might even work wirelessy. The amount of iPads limits our choices quite a bit and spitting out 15 stages from Isadora over NDI also doesn't sound like you run that on your laptop. (15 Stages > Full HD > Encoding > Sending) is quite a bit of workload so I think you will need a proper Windows PC..

    Personally I would start with 3 iPads and then scale up with Isadora to see how it behaves. To make sure everything stays in sync (screen to screen) you can use one master stage that you then chop in multiple display stages that you send out.

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    you could try the free software MultiVid https://marcotempest.com/work/... you load the videos onto the iPads and then trigger the videos from your computer with his control software. But you can also trigger it from Isadora, this is much more convenient. I have used this several times and it works quite well. The network is not so important because you only send a trigger. 

    Best Michel

  • @michel 

    Hello. Which Player software is able to receive triggers(OSC?,Midi?,???) from izzy on ios or android?

    and we test ndi monitor from sienna excessive but they say in there "smal printed" that ndi monitor for ios shows no routed ndi signal. so the only things we see in, is the output from all original newtek ndi software(scanconverter, ndicam for android and ios, etc.) . 

    thx, ro.

  • Izzy Guru

    @deflost said:

    Hello. Which Player software is able to receive triggers(OSC?,Midi?,???) from izzy on ios or android?

     As I wrote, the App is called MultiVid (https://apps.apple.com/app/mul...) and that receives OSC triggers, either from the multivid_controller app or from Isadora. Its only iOS.

    Best Michel

  • Hi!

    I just know 2 pieces of software capable to play video on IOS devices with OSC trigger:

    The mentioned Multivid

    There is its OSC API


    And quite new one: TouchViZ from Hexler. It have an extensive OSC API: https://hexler.net/docs/touchviz-osc-reference