High fps webcam with no delay... Keyton, ELP or Logitec?

  • Hello everyone,

    for a long time I've been using SDI surveillance camera + blackmagic import devices to do IR detection & image capture for various art pieces and performances. Its fast, has little delay, robust, and good image quality if you have a nice lens.

    But for a smal installation with a pico-projector I'm looking for very small camera with no extra interface, with a good image, no delay and good fps... so I'm comming back to usb camera, something I haven't used for years.

    I see that usb3 webcam are not very widespread and not specially faster then the USB2, but much more expensive.

    I have sort-out 3 models and I'm wondering if some of you had experience with them or if you would totaly advice something else!

    The Keyton 60fps@1080p with a M12 mount 2.8-12mm optical: (I specialy like the tunable optical and I could see on other devices that the chip is good, but I could not find a test on this particular camera, witch is the only one doing 60fps@1080p)

    The equivalent by ELP but with only 30FPS@1080p

    The more widespead Logitech C922 HD Pro with only 30FPS@1080p

    Thanks for your advices,

    may you all be happy and creative!


  • I have two of those ELP cameras, one similar to your link. it is terrible in low light. if you are working in daylight or a bright environment it gives good quality images at high frame rate, but this drops considerably when you get into low light situations. I get something like 8 fps of blurry motion. also, many of the colour ELP cameras have a IR cut filter to prevent distortion of colours in low light. this makes them useless for IR tracking unless you get in there and remove the IR cut filter. The other ELP I have is a black and white low light camera which is perfect for IR tracking.

  • Thanks John, very usefull info about ELP cam. 

    I do allways take out the IR cut filter since I'm mainly using my cams in IR detection, so i guess it will be easier to do it on the ELP and Keyton then on the logitech...