Problem with multiple projectors and scenes, drastic drop of framerate with each new display.

  • I installed a clean Windows. I use isadora to play movies on multiscreen with a ati Radeon 6870 Eyefinity 6. Until new installation, everything was OK. I was able to play 6 720*576 movies (photo jpeg 60%) linked to 6 projectors and 6 scenes. Now with the new install, isadora is laggy and the better I have is 7 fps. I tryed everything I could think of (old ATI Drivers, change of GPU, chipset drivers update), with no luck. Could you please help me to get back performance ? ac46f5-sans-titre.jpg

  • I tried to use movie player direct to play 6 movies. I work very well. This time, I can have 201cycles, framerate is 50 fps (target is 60). So, it is not a problem with Hard Drive. Use of Ram and processor is also better (see screen captures below). Benoit aff005-capture2.jpg 663c4c-sans-titre.png

  • OpenGl pb ?

  • Same problem also with HD3000 intel graphic card. Framerate go down with each movie to projector link....

  • Dear webmammuth,

    When you say "new install" what do you mean? Please give the exact version number.

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  • Dear webmammuth,

    I just created a simple patch recreating your situation: 6 720x576 Photo JPEG movies (compressed using QuickTime Player) playing to six separate stages.

    I'm getting the full 22fps with 1.3.0f24 and 25fps with 1.3.0f32 (target frame rate = 25fps.)

    This is on my Mac Book Pro running Windows 7 natively -- Intel 2.2 GHz i7 pfocessor with an AMD Radeon 6750M.

    So the performance is a bit better on the new pre-release (available here) but certainly not 7fps. Could anything else have changed?

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  • @mark

    the link to the f32 windows in broken I think

  • Yes, it's true, the links for f32 Windows are broken..  I've been trying for a while and assumed that only the MAC version was ready!



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    I don't think f32 for windows was posted yet..

  • Dear All,

    The page has a version there now -- links at the bottom of [this page](
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  • Hello folks.
    Thank you for your answer.
    Very Strange problem. Just installing the 2 radeons couldn't get me video acceleration.
    I had to activate and install HD 3000 onboard graphic card. Then Connect the main screen to several MiniDP outputs and rerun isadora until I get acceleration. Then get back to main DVI output on first card. Then deactivate HD3000 on bios.
    Ok then. 50 fps.

  • My Version is 1.3.0f24.
    I have a show next week. Should I test the f33 version ?
    Can I Have both f24 and f33 versions installed ?

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    See THIS post.


  • thank you