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    I am looking for a way to connect Sound Level Watcher directly to a Sound Player to use sound level to determine the intensity of a video. So far I've only been able to do this using Sound Level Watcher by capturing microphone sound through Live Capture. But it doesn't seem like a good solution. It may be a silly thing, but would there be any way to capture the sound intensity without using Live Capture?


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    Nope, if you want Input in Isadora (sound) you need to use the Live Input options. Could you tell us a bit more about the reason behind the following sentence "But it doesn't seem like a good solution", why not ?

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    @Juriaan is right about live audio input. However, as you have indicated the Sound Player it suggests you are using audio files.

    You can encode your audio file to an MP3 format and it will then be available to playback through the Movie Player module. The Movie Player has parameters for outputting audio frequencies that have inherent intensity levels.

    Here is a demo screen recording

    You cam find more info in the Isadora 3 Manual page 407.

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  • Thanks Juriaan and Russell!

    Juriaan, I need multiple sound-to-intensity actors so Live Input+SoundLevelWatcher doesn't seems good (I can only capture the whole thing right? Not separate channels). 

    Russell, this is what I needed. But I just can't make the freq bands move. I've tried with different mp3 ou quicktime sounds and they give me no answer. Actually when I try to enable freq bands they appear on the output but on the input remains "n/a", why is that?

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    You have to switch the optimize mode from "performance" to "interactive".

    Best Michel

  • Thanks Michel!