[ANSWERED] Show Stages vs Force Stage Preview

  • Does anybody else have a problem with this:

    "Stage Preview

    To see a preview of your stages:

    1. From the menu, check Output > Force Stage Preview.
    2. A floating window appears, allowing you to preview the stage output. You can move this floating window to a convenient location on your main display.

    While viewing the stage preview, output to your connected displays is disabled."

    Question: Why in Izzy 3 is it no longer possible to simultaneously export a stage to a projector while also seeing other stages as floating windows on the desktop, (when they are assigned to stages other than the stages that the projectors are on? When mixing freestyle for live events, for example, it was super useful in Izzy 2 to be able to tune up what I wanted on the desktop floating stage windows before switching over the stage assignments so that what has been freshly sketched together then sends out to the projectors. Is there any way in Izzy 3 to simultaneously export to projectors WHILE seeing other stages not assigned to displays as floating windows on the desktop? 

    If there is no way to do that yet, can this please go in the feature request queue?

    Thanks in advance for any/all help. 

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    This has been implemented in the soft launch version 3.0.4:

    3.0.4 Release

    New Features

    Force a Preview To Be Shown for any Stage or Display 

    Because a number of users gave us feedback saying that this was important to their workflow, we added a new "Force On" Checkbox to the Stage Setup settings. Checking it allows any Stage or Display to always show a preview window. 

    Force Preview is Shown for Stage If Any of Its Associated Displays Are Missing

    Like v2.x, Isadora 3 now shows a preview window for a Stage if any of its associated displays are not available. Unlike Isadora 2, where each Stage was associated with a single display, Isadora 3 allows a multiple displays to be associated with a Stage to facilitate edge blending. If any of those displays are not present when choosing the "Show Stages" command from the Output menu, a preview for that Stage will be shown. If all of the displays associated with a Stage are present, then a preview window will be shown only if the Stage's "Force On" checkbox is checked.


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    A Control Panel with a Monitor or Stage Preview Control also basically does the same thing.