ūüĒ•[UPDATED] Isadora v3.0.4 soft-launch (Catalina Compatible)

  • [EDIT:¬†IMPORTANT --¬†READ ME NOW: a bug has been discovered in the 3.0.4 version for Windows. If you are running Windows, do not download 3.0.4.¬†See this thread for live updates.]

    [EDIT: Due to a late breaking bug, last night we built and tested Isadora 3.0.4. This solves a serious bug related to sending values to Control Panel objects, which is discussed in this thread.]

    Dear All,

    So next week we will officially release Isadora 3.0.4, but we are releasing it early here for our forum followers. There are a few new features and several bug fixes (not just for MacOS, but for Windows too) which you can read about in the Isadora 3.0.4 release notes.

    We have tested version thoroughly on Catalina and other versions. But I want to call your attention to this statement in the release notes:

    We are confident to recommend Isadora 3.0.4 to users who are developing new pieces, or using it in workshops or teaching environments.

    However, like many industry leaders, we strongly advise you to hold off on upgrading to Catalina if you are working in a professional performance environment. Because of substantial changes to security protocols in Catalina, and because of numerous, serious issues this new version of macOS exhibited during its development cycle, we feel you should wait for a few more updates to come out before you make the switch.

    We are saying this because Catalina's development cycle was a mess, as rants gone viral like this will tell you. As of today, Adobe continues to recommend that you do not upgrade, as does Ableton Live. Others like Native Instruments have not yet released Catalina versions because of the issues it created.

    That said, we've tested all the major functionality of the program and those tests show Isadora doing well under Catalina as well as previous versions of macOS. So it's time to get it out the door.

    Important Note: Isadora 3.0.4 required a file format change because of the new "Force Preview" feature and because of a bug fix regarding published inputs to IzzyMap found by @bonemap during beta testing. You cannot load files saved in 3.0.4 in Isadora 3.0.2 or earler.

    So with all of that in place, please feel free to download this new version of Isadora. We are eager to hear your feedback.

    macOS, Standard Version: https://troikatronix.com/files...
    macOS, USB Key Version: https://troikatronix.com/files...
    Windows, Standard Version: https://troikatronix.com/files...
    Windows, USB Key Version: 

    Best Wishes,
    Mark + the entire TroikaTronix Team

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  • Tech Staff

    Thanks Mark for the quick fix for the Control panel bug :)

  • @juriaan said:

    Thanks Mark for the quick fix for the Control panel bug :)

     We aim to please. ;-)

  • Beta Tester


    Brilliant! This update could not have come at a more perfect time . Instantly solved a crash bug for me .¬†When¬†trying to¬†reopening certain files with user actors bombed....not really sure what was causing it , but it‚Äôs FIXED now ūüėĀ. Thank you so much¬†!

  • @juriaan said:

    Thanks Mark for the quick fix for the Control panel bug :)

     And now I've shot myself in the foot. By trying to fix that, I introduced a serious a bug into the Windows version of 3.0.4. Arrghhhh!!!! :-(