Isadora 3.0.4: Serious Bug in Windows Release Version – Please Read Now

  • Dear All and to the Team ( @DusX @Woland @mc_monte )

    In my effort to respond to the late breaking bug found by @Juriaan and others in the Control Panel, I introduced a serious crash into the Isadora 3.0.4 release version for Windows only. Simply attempting to import or play a HAP movie will crash Isadora every time.

    This is specifically my fault. I sincerely apologize for any invconvenince this might have caused you.

    The Macintosh version is unaffected by this bug.

    If you have not downloaded Isadora v3.0.4 for Windows:
    -- please wait 24 hours. I am confident the bug will be addressed in that time frame and there will be a 3.0.5 release that addresses this issue

    If you did install Isadora v3.0.4 for Windows and need to work without crashes:
    --please revert to Isadora 3.0.2 from the legacy downloads page.

    If you are on Windows and would like to help us by trying a version which should fix this crash:
    --please download and install v3.0.5 using these links. (win standard) (win usb key version)

    After you do, simply try to import and/or play a AVI or MOV file that is encoded with the HAP codec.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Thanks for the quick fix Mark. I can confirm that HAP encoded files that crashed 3.04 work fine in 3.05 in Windows.

  • I have two solid reports from users and also from @DusX that Isadora 3.0.5 for Windows addresses the crash introduced into v3.0.4.

    I think you can feel safe to use 3.0.5 if you need to. We will have a team meeting at 4pm Berlin time and make it official after that if everyone on the team agrees.

    Best Wishes,

  • Tech Staff


    Also did some testing and let it run for 2 hours, it seems to be stable again.