đŸ”„Important Reminder: Operating System and Hardware Configuration in Your Signature!

  • Dear All,

    It has been a convention in this forum for some time to include information about your system configuration in your signature line. This speeds up our responses to you because we will know if you are Mac or PC and what version of the operating system you are using

    Here's a good example from @bonemap 

    Izzy 3 USB | MBP (mid 2015) 2.5GHz i7 16GB AMD Radeon R9 | OSX 10.14

    Replyor an even more list of hardware from @mark_m 

    Intel NUC8i7HVK Hades Canyon VR Gaming NUC, i7-8809G w/ Radeon RX Vega M GH 4GB Graphics, 32GB RAM, 2 x NVMe SSD
    Dell Precision m3800 16GB RAM, Quadro K1100, Win10x64
    Homebrewed X99 Desktop, i7 5930, GeForce GTX980, 64GB RAM, Win10x64

    (While Mark's doesn't mention Windows, the machine list makes it clear he's using Windows.)

    To set this information, click the icon at the top right that shows your user picture (might be your initials) and choose Edit Profile

    Also, if you send us a question about 2.x but your signature line indicates you generally use v3, then please make that clear in the post.

    Thanks for helping us to help you.

    Best Wishes,