• Dear izzy's people, I have several problems and I opened a ticket: https://support.troikatronix.c.... The subject is not closed and I am in contact with Ryan Webber to solve it.

    But I would like you to help me by testing this patch on windows, which until a month or so ago worked perfectly. It produces a very high level in the load measurement that freezes the playback of the mp3 file and hinders the operation of the entire patch. Thanks in advance, AZ.

  • Tech Staff

    I have replied to your support ticket with some additional information.

  • I did a new test and this video shows what happens, thanks! The answer is in the ticket, AZ.

  • Tech Staff

    Replacing the MP3 with a WAV file, an using the Sound Player rather than the Movie Player provides much better performance while changing the playback speed of the audio file.

    Mp3 files use a compression that is poorly suited to both rapid speed changes as well as reverse playback.
    When manipulating the playback speed of audio files I recommend uncompressed WAV. This type of file will provide the best performance.

  • MP3's also sound bad:¬†Although mp3 and some compressed audio works in a "home" situation where the gear being used isn't at a professional level, it isn't adequate in a theatrical situation where the gear is designed for full range audio.




  • @citizenjoe thanks for the info, very nice page! I was afraid that my machine had some issue, fortunately it isn't the case. I would like that the sound player had the same features that the movie player... and the windows version these of the mac! Cheers, AZ.