• Re: [Using LUT's in Isadora](/topic/4869/using-lut-s-in-isadora)

    Hi there,

    I'm bumping this 2 years old but great topic about using 3D lut with GLSL because after long web research, it is the best approach i've ever found. Still working great with Isadora.


    But for technical reasons, i work under max jitter 8.0 . So i tried for the last days to adapt this shader to this different tool but can't manage to get it right.

    Friends for max forum helping me but for now, no progress.


    As it is my first dive in GLSL, i'm pretty lost and thought i could find some help here too.

    Thanks for reading and helping.



  • Shader working on Max jitter 8 thanks to Andrew. Now you can go to the original topic if interested to see how we can pull great chroma keying from 3D LUT too !

    This technique is also working on Isadora.