Isadora "Automatic Updates" Feature Test - Now Live

  • Dear All,

    So we completed the version test and so now the necessary file is live, indicating that 3.0.7 is the latest version.

    We did experience some issues with local caching of the file on your computer. It could be that the new file needs to propagate through servers around the world, etc. But hopefully it will work for you all now.

    If you are running 3.0.7 you should not see any alerts because that is the current versions.

    If you are running an older version of Isadora (pre 3.0.7) and you have the automatic version check turned on, you should eventually have Isadora alert you to the new version.

    If you encounter any difficulties or surprises with this, please let us know.

    My thanks go to @DusX, @Woland and @mc_monte for staying in the live video chat for two hours to ensure this wasn't going to cause anyone trouble. ;-)

    Best Wishes,