[ANSWERED] Black Magic ATEM Mini

  • Hello, I just discover the new " ATEM Mini" on Blackmagic website ( https://www.blackmagicdesign.c...)  , wich seems to be a very convenient and cheap way to mix 4 hdmi input. And it has also this interesting  " webcam out "  usb-c feature, wich output the mixed signal ( in full resolution of course ) as if it was a " common webcam "  that software like skype or others could recognize without any other need...

    So my question is of course can we imagine that Isadora ( on Mac at least) could theoricaly see this feed thru the Live Capture Setting, wich could be a great and easy way to pre-mix several source and use it directly in Isadora...

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    So the device has a Webcam Out capability that allows you to fetch it inside any program that detects that webcam. So I suppose the answer to your question is yes, it should work.

  • @laurentR 

    As I have posted previously, Blackmagic's Web Presenter uses essentially the same technology to create 'webcam out' and it works perfectly with Isadora. I have no reason to doubt that the ATEM Mini (if you can find one in stock! I've had one on backorder since October!!) will function just as well.

  • I have one and it works perfect with Isadora.

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    Oooh and signal conversion per channel!

    Additionally, Isadora's new NDI Out and NDI Watcher Plugins means you could conceivably use this + NDI to send the feed to other computers using Isadora (or another software that can receive NDI) too.

  • Thank you for all your answers.  In France, it seems to be available in stock on several online video shops... ( don't know if I can write the names here... )

  • @jfg said:

    I have one and it works perfect with Isadora.

    I would be interested to know if you have found a way to switch inputs from within Isadora. I currently use a Kramer switcher which I can control via TCP/IP, but the signal conversion capability of the ATEM Mini would be super useful.


    Mark (not that Mark!)

  • Yes but unfortunately not so simple: You must use OSC > OSCulator (Key combo) > Keyboard Hot Keys from the ATEM software Control.

    Isadora>BM-ATEM mini.zip

    I don't know actually how to get a feedback from the interface to Isadora. I am working on an Isadora interface but I need more time before I can publish it, if I am successful.

  • @mark_m

    Mac OS users can try this :


    Some other solutions exist under windows, but not as simple as mac's atemOSC


  • Izzy Guru


    I am also using AtemOSC. Works fine.

    Best Michel 

  • @keftaparty said:

    Some other solutions exist under windows,

     Ah, I will have to search them out, being a Windows kind of person...

    Thank you!

  • @jfg

    Thank you! Unfortunately I am working in Windows, so don't have access to Osculator or other useful tools.
    Of course I didn't think through the fact that ATEM is a well established protocol, and people have already done a lot of work on interfacing with that. Unless you're on PC like me!

  • no, sorry I am on mac.

    For other mac user: I have just try atemOSC Version 3.0.0 and it crash with Mojave. I haven't Catalina so I cannot try if it works better. I downloaded 2.5.6 and it works well but I have to use following form for the OSC-addresse:   /atem/program/1   instead of   /atem/program 1  . The second one doesn't work.

    I will test further but only next week.

  • @keftaparty

    thank you for the tipp with atemOSC


  • I just wanted to say that I am now successfully controlling my ATEM Mini PRO from Isadora on Windows.

    I used the BMD Switcher MIDI Mapper in conjunction with loopMIDI (to create a virtual MIDI port) and it all works fine, allowing me to switch cameras (the main objective) but also to control fades between cameras, fade to black etc etc.

    Any questions, please ask.

  • @mark_m I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to see how you were getting along with this setup after several months of using it?  I have been researching this myself as of late for my windows PC and wishing there was a windows version of atemOSC to get Isadora to reliably control my atem 4K production switcher.  Have you been happy with it? How has stability been?  MIDI sometimes seems to crash my atem control software and/or lockup my switcher when using my nanoKontrol to control scenes in Isadora.  Have you found any other alternatives since?

    Thank you and any others for chiming in on their experiences