Motion Blur causes a black background to appear behind 3D object

  • I have a 3D object in my 3D Player, which is displaying on a Renderer which goes into motion blur, then into projector.  The blending mode is on Transparent. For some reason, there's a solid black background behind my object. I found that the only way to get rid of the background is to change the projector blend to Additive ( though I do not want this ), or turn down the decay to 0, which lessens the background--but I don't want 0 decay, either.  I'm unsure what's causing this.  Anyone have any insight?  Also, I know it's the motion blur causing it because it goes away if I delete motion blur. Screenshot below, and thank you!

  • @elton_john

    What is the 3D Model? Is it a rectangle? It would be helpful if you posted it.

    Does your movie have transparency? If not then it's going to be opaque when you texture map it on to the 3D model.

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    I was able to recreate that black effect. It is because in the patch indicated you have the 'Motion Blur' / 'decay amt' set to 100. When I do that in my patch I get the same black effect.

    Here it is as a screen capture. I am not sure if it is a bug or just the result of 100% decay amount? @mark?

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  • @mark Hi Mark, the model is a sphere with a video texture on it.