• I am new to Windows. I have downloaded some plugins, and each is in the format of two files, a .dll and a .qtr, within an enclosing folder. Is the correct way to install these to put the enclosing folder into the Isadora Plugins folder, or should I take them out of the enclosing folder and put the individual files into the Isadora Plugins folder? The ArtNet plugins are two of each file type within one folder. In this case do I put the entire folder into the Plugins folder, or take all of those files out and put them into the Isadora Plugins folder?

  • Tech Staff

    Installing plugins on Windows

    1. Open up Isadora 3
    2. Go to Help > Open Plugin Folder > TroikaTronix Actor Plugins 
    3. Get the zip from https://troikatronix.com/plugi... that you wish to install
    4. Unzip it to a location on your PC 
    5. Look inside the folder or you can find a 'Windows' folder, if so copy the contents from that file and put them inside the folder of the Troikatronix Actor plugins.
    6. Restart Isadora 

    What I do personally 
    Create a folder inside the Troikatronix Actor plugins with the name of the Plugin that I wish to install and put the contents of the Windows folder of the plugin inside that folder..

    For example my ArtNet plugins are inside a folder called ArtNet inside the Troikatronix Actor plugins.