• Hi all ! One of my students is having this error message at installing. 

    D:\Isadora 3\HapCodecWMF.dll

    Unable to register the DLL/OCX:RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3

    Any ideas ? Is for a Windows 10 . Coradir model Ultra S14

    @DusX ?

    Ps: my student could install Isadora 2.6 ...so could it be something with 32/64 bites ?

    Thanks a lot

  • Tech Staff

    @ril said:


     I think you should open a support ticket. This is rather unusual sounding.
    I will say that the install path is non standard, so I would recommend trying the default path, and it might be worth double checking that you do not have a 32bit version of Windows 10.
    My signature below has the link to the support page to create the ticket. Once you have a ticket setup we can dig in deeper.