OpenNI Tracker -- Links to Alpha Builds

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    Here you will find the newest and potentially buggy/crash prone alpha versions of the OpenNI Tracker plugin.

    The official release will always be on our plugins page.

    Status May 9th, 2020: I am responding to reports given in the Guru Session #13 thread, and will post updated links here once I've handled those.

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  • Here is OpenNI Tracker v0.9.6

    Download for MacOS

    Download for Windows

    New In This Version:

    The record feature for recording the depth streams is now enabled. To record a stream, enter the name of the file 'file name' input, trigger the 'record' input to start recording and the 'stop' input to stop. Then you can trigger the 'play' input to play the recording of the same file name.

    Kinect v2 support is in this plugin. It is however _extremely_ alpha. You should consider it unreliable and experimental, and you should expect it to crash. That said, as the saying goes, "your mileage may vary." Give it a try if you are curious and want to check it out.

    On macOS you will get a 640x480 output from the Kinect v2, but it will have a black band at the bottom and at the right. This is because the driver is simply placing the native 512x424 image inside of a 640x480 pixel frame. I intend to fix this. But it still may allow you to track.

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