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    Building a stand-alone installation that will be running off a mac mini and the TripleHead2Go.  I'm usually a laptop Izzy person (for performance-based work) so excuse me if I am overlooking the obvious (have no prior experience with Mac minis).

    The mac mini sees the Triple Head AOK but when I go to "Show Stages" the stages come up as smaller windows on each projector with the menu bars still at top.  It is not in Force Preview mode.
    Any help will be appreciated!  +++Carole

  • What size is your stage in Isadora preferences.

    It should be triple wide of your one projector/monitor. Like if you use 3 projectors with native resolution 1024 wide you should work with 3072 wide output/stage.
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    Thanks for getting back vanakaru.  I've been using the Triple Head for performances for many years. I just can't get the mac mini to work.

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    To elaborate:  In system preferences on the mac mini, it sees the display as 3072 x 768.  In Isadora Preferences, using the left third, middle third, right third setup for Display 2.  When I go to show stages, the desktop remains visible on each projector and the stages show up as smaller windows on the desktop.

  • I suspected you know about the TH2go, but so often people do not understand its tricks.

    Do the mini have mirroring enabled by the chance? It almost sounds like. 
    What do you view the output with. Projectors? Monitors?
    I have had problems with projector(Barco) setup and mac output in the past. Sometimes projector would throw mac in to mirroring when connected.
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    No, it's really strange, it sees three separate outputs but it doesn't go into full screen mode.  A friend just told me that there may be a bug w/10.8 where the desktop remains in the foreground.  Looking into...

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    Quicktime player will go full screen so now it points back to Izzy.

  • Hello,

    Maybe it can help, did you instal the latest version of the software PowerDesk which (normally) allows to select the resolutions accepted in the MacOS preferences system ?
    If the video output of the mac mini is Thunderbolt you will find a firmware update too :
    Your system has to be updated too, I saw a Thunderbolt update few time ago...
    To share Matrox experience and latest misfortune : MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt and 2 or 3 VGA projectors on stage.
    According to Matrox website only TH2GO DP Edition is able to work in this configuration, with DP / VGA active adapters ; it worked only if the adapters were connected after the system launched (not recommended in the user manual, but doesn't damage the TH2GO according to Matrox technical support), and despite that projectors were not detected in PowerDesk application.
    The Digital or Digital SE are maybe easier to use with a Mac mini-DP or Thunderbolt output and VGA devices...
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    Thanks Clement,

    I think unplugging and reconnecting the adapters is what did the trick <>.  Let me see if you have to do that each time you fire up.  That would be a drag for the gallery attendants...
    Will report back.
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    Maybe you don't have the stage settings right. ( I am setting up a triplehead right now as well, and made this mistake at first)
    Isadora lists many new stages for me, but what I needed to select is the New large stage (in my case stage 2 - 3072x768) and then left, center, or right.
    So each of your three stages are set to the same output number (not output 2,3,4) and then just have the position set as well.

    Not sure if this is what you needed to know, but related at least.

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    Thanks DusX.  Really, it was the re-seating of the Display Port-to-VGA adapters coming out of the Triple Head DP that made it work. Will test tomorrow if it remains solid when I boot up again.  :0