• After 10 years of second or third hand hardware, we may have an opportunity to buy the latest-greatest.
    I am investigating the new MacPro and am wondering if there are any gotcha's I need to be on the lookout for.

    I'm assuming that I'll need to keep this machine alive for another 10 years before I can upgrade again, and considering I'm currently running 10 year old MacPros I know they have the potential to last a damn long time.
    Blowing $20k on a machine certainly has me paranoid though...

    Anybody played with one yet?

  • thats cool. the one thing to keep in mind is that isadora cant take advantage for the multiple GPU setups that the macpro is designed to impliment.. ie 4 gpu's in the maxed out config.. so you would want to figure out what the single most powerful card for your needs is, which is probably one that apple does not offer.. i hear that the Nvidia high end cards are the most powerful, but do plenty of research on that first.. and hopefully in the future isadora can add multiple GPU support.