• Dear Community,

    [NOTE: please don't post to this thread. If you find bugs or other issues, report them here.]

    As part of our response to a time when online projects are going to dominate -- at least until the fall -- we are releasing this an alpha version of a newly create Screen Capture actor that allows you to capture the image from a display or a window and bring it into Isadora as a live stream.


    Because so many people are creating remote performance during the global pandemic, we are releasing this actor as an alpha version because, to quote one of the world's highest level epidemiologists, "speed trumps perfection"  That said, our beta testers have given this plugin a go, and found it be relatively reliable.

    Just remember, it is an alpha release, so there may be bugs.

    Here's how to use it:

    1) If you want to capture a display, enter the display number in the 'display' input and leave the window name empty.

    2) If you want to capture a window using the fastest method, enter the full or partial name of the window into the 'window' input. When capturing in this way, you must be sure that the window is not obscured by any other window and is completely within a single monitor.

    3) If you want to capture a window so that you see it's contents even if another window is on top of it then you should enter the full or partial name of the window into the 'window' input and turn the 'cpu mode' input on. This sends the image through the CPU and will incur performance penalties. You should only choose this method if you really have to.

    The latest version is now on the plugins page.

    Watch the mini-tutorial for an introduction to this actor.

    Instructions for installing the plugin are contained in a READ ME document in this download.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark Coniglio + The TroikaTronix Team

  • I love that you are developing this actor!!! Great work!!!


  • @aolis

    Thank you for the your enthusiasm! But I guess you missed this part at the top:

    [NOTE: please don't post to this thread. If you find bugs or other issues, report them here.]

    Compliments can also go in that thread.

    I'll be deleting your comment tomorrow, so that's why. ;-)

    Best Wishes,

  • Hey all,

    There's a new mini tutorial about the screen capture actor. Have a look if you want a 7 minute intro.

    Also I've move this actor the plugins page. That's where you'll find the latest version from now on.

    Best Wishes,

  • Dear All,

    @Armando found a crash in the macOS version of the Screen Capture actor when transition between two scenes that both contain the actor. This crash probably only happens on macOS Catalina and later, but I believe this new version fixes the problem. If anyone has a chance to give this a go, it would be great to receive feedback.


    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    I can confirm no problem on Mojave with 3 scenes, 2 different sources on display 2 (or each source on another display: 1 and 2)