OT: anybody using a MBP 16" for Isadora?

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    A bit of a repost, as I never saw my first attempt show up. I need a new laptop (using a 2011 MBP at the moment) and am considering the new 16" MBP. Any experiences with multiple video projectors or how loud the machine is when running? I have some concerns, based on internet browsing, that the unit makes a fair bit of fan noise. I use my laptop for gallery installation work. Thanks in advance, John

  • i got a new one 16" 32GB, AMD 8GB with OS X 10.15....  i struggled a lot with this decision... i compared some of my Izzy 3.07 patches with old 2013 16GB OSX 10.13.6 MacBooks ... The performance improvement is in the range of a factor 3 - 4...  much more compare to the old ones .

    I had  running with a Sonnet Dual-Hdmi four projectors & 2K videos in a performance. I feel, that the noise of the fan is similar to my "old MacBook Pro"


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    Sonnet Dual-HDMI - also looking at such, I want to buy...
    What about synchronizing HDMI outputs? Is there an out-of-sync and how much?

  • Thank you for responding so quickly! I wonder if my older DisplayPort TH2Go will work with a USB-C -> DP dongle...

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    I am using the mbp 16 model in my signature. I just felt that the machine was a good build and worth investing in. Well at least I had some financial resources through a project and just closed my eyes and ears to the price tag. The positives are the increased capacity of the ram and hard drive, the keyboard redesign. The CPU and GPU specs are better than what has been available previously. The internal speaker system is amazing - it somehow throws the sound away from the speaker so panning is very distinct - but then if the fans are pumping trying to listen to the built in speakers is going to be annoying. 

    When I purchased from the online Mac store the mbp16 came with noise cancelling headphones (beats over ear) at no extra cost. I made the purchase of the mbp 16 and then had to wait for the delivery delay caused by Covid. While waiting Apple contacted me to inform me that they were discounting the mbp and returned some cash back to my account- nice.

    In terms of Isadora and connectivity- it is still a dongle book. I ordered a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adaptor and used that to connect to an owc 13 port hub this gave me all the legacy ports even FireWire, and I will be getting a few more adaptors and multiports before too long I suspect.

    In terms of transferring Isadora patches the biggest thing has been the loss of QuickTime functionality moving to 64bit osx10.15. This has meant that all of the patches using movie players with audio frequency bands require a work around to audio capture. That then requires internal audio routing. Soundflower did this on previous systems but it no longer functions OS X 10.15. Blackhole software provides the equivalent. QuickTime 7 is no longer an option either.

    QuickTime on Catalina is still there and it has some improvements in terms of capturing screen to movie. I found I could capture a stage screen running a complex/heavy animation patch in real time with audio. This is a big time saver compared to rendering out an animation patch using Isadora’s internal renderer at 50% speed and then having to relink audio in a video editing package. So that is a great performance boost right there.

    I haven’t got to TH2Go yet, but I don’t see any reason why it would not work. Using TH2Go previously was assisted by resx but I am unsure if that will run on 10.15. Being able to assign an extended set of resolutions to a screen made using the TH2Go more viable. But I am yet to get to that.

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  • Thank you so much for this expansive reply. It really helps me think about this important decision. I appreciate the time you took to share!


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    good question ....  my system was for the performance 4 different clips and no critical timing. When i am back in my lap, then i am going testing panorama over multi projectors  the HDMI synchronization...  


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    I have a TH2Go DP Edition and recently purchased a USB-C to Displayport adapter (adapter) and tested it on my macbook. I get one 7680x1446 display, or three 2560x1446 displays. However what gives me problems is when I try to configure anything from Matrox Powerdesk, the application freezes. I thought that the problem was the use of the adapter but when I used the original one, the thunderbolt (minidisplayport) through an old hub belkin the problem persisted. If I don't open the Matrox application, the card's LED is green and on SwitchResX I can see the TH2Go with a resolution of 7680x1446. Once connected I have three 2560x1446 displays both in Isadora and in Madmapper. I have not had occasion to try it connected to projectors because I do not have fullhd projectors but I understand that there will be no problem.