[ANSWERED] Atomos Ninja Blade HDMI Recorder

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    Anyone knows can I use Atomos Ninja Blade HDMI Recorder device to record my show with Isadora 3?

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    Atomos Ninja Blade

    In short yes you can. You have a few options

    1.You can use the HDMI pass through, so connect your stage output HDMI to the input of the device and then connect your beamer or screen to the output (here the record format and frame rate should match your beamer exactly)

    2.You can make a second stage that has the same content and send that to the device (here your frame rates and record format can be different - best to keep the frame rate the same but you can mix interlaced and progressive kind of easily, you will need to change your patch to do this)

    3.You can use the operating system to duplicate displays so that the same content is sent to 2 outputs without changing Isadora (here the record format and frame rate should match your beamer exactly)

    4.You can use an HDMI splitter to duplicate the signal from your main output to also go to the device (here the record format and frame rate should match your beamer exactly)

    Going through the device may pose a risk if it powers off, or if you accidentally press something you will lose signal to your main output, but that is the option that uses the least resources on your computer and if you are careful can be totally fine. At any rate mostly if the device loses connection even when it is not used in pass through it will still cause a flash or disruption to the other outputs like disconnecting any monitor mid show. If you use some kind of HDMI matrix or high quality splitter some retain the input EDID no matter what happens to the output, this is the only way to totally avoid disruption to the main signal if something goes wrong with the recorder.

    You can also route audio either from the HDMI or an analogue input to the device.


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