[ANSWERED] Mac Laptop Recommendations

  • Hi everyone, 

    I'm looking for a recommendation for which laptop that is optimal when working with Isadora. I recently graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, with concentration in Dance and Technology.

    I’m thinking of investing in a laptop solely for the purpose of creating work in Isadora, we used MSI laptops at NYU but I currently own a MacBook Pro. I’m going to create work on several screens, so would be ideal if it could handle between 3 to 6 screens. 

    Thank you! :)

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  • Could some of you experts chime in to help @hsb ? He wrote me personally and I told him the best place to turn was to our community.

    @Michel @Woland  Maybe you have good advice about the best macOS laptop to choose?

    Best Wishes,

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    It depends if you want to stay with MacBook Pro or change to a PC. If you want to stay with a Mac I would suggest following:

    MacBook Pro 16"
    2.3GHz 8‑core 9th‑generation Intel Core i9 processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz
    32GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
    AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
    1TB SSD storage

    But I guess you will get a better price with similar specs if you choose a PC laptop. @DusX can give you a better advice for PC.

    Best Michel

  • Personally, I'd go with a PC and look at the MSI or Dell laptops. I don't own an MSI, but I've been using them a lot and they're great. I tend to buy Dell business machines. They have the best warranty in the business and I've always had wonderful service with them. I don't think I'd buy a Dell consumer machine, but they really do look after their business customers well. I will seriously look at Dell AND MSI next time around.



  • @michel Thank you for your reply! I have read that the newest Catalina update on Mac has issues with Isadora, is this still the case.

    I would prefer to have a Mac but if Isadora runs more smoothly on a MSI, I'm willing to do the change.

    Thank you!

  • Hi I'm on 10.15.4 on mbp (see below) and everything is fine, happy with the machine till now!
    If you familiar to pc it's really much cheaper, you can get better rendering power, 
    if you are still student or teaching at Univ apple gives you a 15% discount ( create an account needs your Univ email)
    If you are working with high graphic power need I 'd suggest a little desktop they are so small now, and so much more power...

    good luck. !

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    so far I don't have any problems on my MacBook Pro with the newest Catalina and Isadora.

    Best Michel

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    on the pc side nearly every company that's in the gaming realm has a solid offering.

    As mentioned Dell/alienware,  msi are both very popular. I run a Gigabyte are x8. Razor has very nice laptops.

    Also available are Clevo based systems. These can generally be customized more. ( I have one from Eurocom) a well known Clevo based supplier is Sager.

  • I bought mine at PC-Specialist, CLEVO based, OCTANE. Very configurable and very reasonably priced and as powerfull as can be. On the other hand, quite heavy (4 Kg) and the Powesupply probably adds 1Kg to that, so if you don't really need to move it around every week or so I would seriusly consider a small desktop (more performance for same price, way easier to update, repair, etc.)

  • What specs would you recommend for a new Mac Mini? I'm thinking of getting a mini for more processor intensive processes, and then upgrading my current 2013 macbook 13" for a new macbookpro so that I can do stuff like video editing and music software on the go.

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    Well I am not an expert when it comes to processor generations and clock speed. But I would say if you upgrade your 2013 13" MacBook with a new 16" MacBook Pro it will outperform the Mac mini in any way. Even though the clock speed of the i9 is lower than the i5 of the MacMini. Rather spend your money in a 16" MacBook Pro and forget the MacMini.

    Best Michel

  • @michel Cheers! Thanks for the advice. I've been leaning that way, but nice to hear an affirmative opinion. :)