[ANSWERED] Midi controller Ableton push 2 into Izzy

  • Hi. I would like to use a Push2 controller with Izzy. Is there anybody in this lovely forum I could exchange experience with?

    My basic questions are right now: 

    1) Using User-modus does not turn on any lights in the board. It seems one has to run Ableton Live to use the MIDI-patch for that, is that right?

    2) All my control knobs behave more like buttons. Turning them switches in Izzy only from 1 to 127. I tried the setup on the Push2, but with no luck. Is there any chance to change this into a finer behaviour?

  • @tomthebom said:

    Hi. I would like to use a Push2 controller with Izzy. Is there anybody in this lovely forum I could exchange experience with?

     I have no experience with this device. But maybe this project on GitHub would allow you to get the data you want? It requires the demo of MAX to run.

    Otherwise, it might be helpful to see some screenshots of Isadora's Monitor window (Windows > Show Monitor) to see the exact data coming from the control knobs when you use them. That might allow us to help you debug the issue.

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  • I don't know the Push2 controller too but as I saw in Internet it is an Ableton device and for Ableton Live optimise. If I compare with the Korg Nano Kontrol2 when you set it up to work with Ableton you get some similar behaviour. To work correctly with Isadora you have to set it up to standard MDI. 

    I don't know if you have the same possibility on your device.



  • @tomthebom

    1. You have to manually send messages to the controller to change the colors. Usually the method is sending back the same note you are receiving from the button/knob with the velocity value controlling the hue. If the buttons sends you channel 1 note 60, thats what you put into a send note actor to activate the color for that button.

    2. in isadora there is a control watcher for knobs and a note on watcher for notes. I can imagine you would get an on/off message if you use a note on watcher for a controller.

  • Thanks for all the response. Thanks @mark:  Using Max did the trick to use the note-part of the Push2 as a Midi input to Isadora. The "note on watcher actor" listens nicely to all keys.On the contrary do the control knobs not send anything to the "control watcher actor". I am pretty sure, that this can be done in Max. Unfortunately I am new to Max, so it will take me a while... Or is there maybe a friendly soul out there, who knows, how to program MIDI controls in Max?

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @tomthebom 

    In essense you can force the Push2 inside User Mode that allows you to map it as any normal 'midi' controller. You will lose the LCD options, but all other options should work fine, also see this article on their website


    If you then connect it to Isadora you should be able to see the Incoming Midi Messages inside the Status and Monitor windows. If you know that you will be able to make some nice User actors / Macro's for it