• I wanted to try something quickly with the 3d lines actor and a picture played into a 3d projector. It seems I cannot get the 3d lines actor to properly interact with depth sorting. I thought I should be able to use the z position to move a point of the line behind or in front of the image projected with the 3d player, but it is always rendered on top of the image, no matter what the z values of the image or the z values of the points in the 3d line. Is this by design?

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    yes. I belive this to be true. I don't believe it's possible to combine these elements into a single 3d context at this time. 

  • @dusx ok 3d ropes seem to work but are not appropriate for me to use.

  • @dusx but is this a limitation or a bug?

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    I asked a related question a couple of weeks ago. 3D Lines appears to have a particular behaviour related to the z depth - they do not conform to any perspective. The 3D Lines that are generated remain the same stroke width no matter the z distance from the virtual camera. I have also found that using layers and line size was the only way to simulate perspective and distance occlusion. But that is not going to work for every situation.

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