[ANSWERED] Streaming to Vimeo or Youtube with Isadora (2.6.1)

  • Hi all, 

    greets to all in these hard times. Please anybody has a experience or advice how to stream audio-video output of Isadora to Vimeo or Youtube (or any other reliable platform, where after certain time this video can be pass-worded or pulled back)? I looked through the forum, but have not find some answer. I look for some easy and reliable solution as I am no good in programming. 

    I run MBP late 2013 with 10.11.16 - El Capitan. 

    Thanks & Cheers.

  • Izzy Guru


    Thee is a Guru session on YouTube that explains that. You have to use the "syphon stage output" actor to send the stream to OBS.

  • @Michel Hi Michel, thank you. Not sure I understand OBS - but I think I will figure out.