• Hi I want to investigate tracking dancer/s. Which depth camera do you suggest? There seem to be 3 orbec astras, astra, S and PRO.

    Or should I go for the Kinect v2 as I presume Isadora will soon be compatible?

    Thanks in anticipation and thank you for all the amazing sessions

    Best wishes


  • Izzy Guru


    I have the Astra Pro and very happy with it. Cant say anything to the other cameras. 

  • @michel Thanks you 😊

  • I've checked the specs but it doesn't include Mac OS only Linux?

  • Izzy Guru


    Well they did stop developing the SDK for Mac, that's why they don't say they support Mac. But it does work with Isadora, I use it on my MacBook Pro with Catalina.

    Best Michel

  • @michel That's my set up too! Thanks Michel ☺

  • I've been looking for Kinect v2, and there are two types: a Kinect v2 Model 1520 for XBox One and a Kinect v2 Model 1656 for Windows PC. Which one do I need? Hopefully it's the Model 1520 because they are way less expensive.

    Thanks for any advice.


  • Tech Staff


    The xbox one version needs an additional adapter to make it work with a pc or mac. The windows version (for pc) already includes this adapter

  • Tech Staff


    I have and use the 1520 model.
    I would not recommend the other model at this time.

  • @jtoenjes I think the extra cost is in the adaptor for PC. I am a big fan of this camera, it is more flexible for different lighting situations (for body tracking at least). If you are using outside of Isadora it is also a much better camera. However it does run with USB 3.0 and extending the cable is costly.

  • @fred So if you have USB3 pots then the 1656 is the one to go for?

    I'm now confused! I've been recommended the Astra Orrbec and the RealSense!

  • @vidasonik The realsense is also OK, but I use the cameras for some other applications and find the point cloud from the realsense unstable. I have not tried the orbec stuff but am wary if I need it on OSX as the future of the support is unsure. As for kinect Models, I have not heard of issues with the 1595 - I only know it has different IR emitters, I only have 1520 models. The 1656 as far as I know is the model made specifically for using with windows. Again, I dont own one so I am not super sure but NIMate supports the 1520 and 1656 explicitly (https://forum.ni-mate.com/t/os-x-test-build-for-kinect-for-xbox-one-and-kinect-for-xbox-360/586/32) and that is based around the same driver that Isadora uses so it is a fair bet that it works. However the kinectV2 for Xbox is not made to work with a computer and you need to get the kinect for windows adaptor that converts the special Xbox plug to a normal USB 3.0 and also has a power supply.

    The KinectV2 and the realsense cameras both use USB 3.0, so yes if you have a USB 3.0 port you can use it. (generally, although some of the first gen controller chips were not good (I know the ASMedia® USB 3.0 controller was one, basically in the first rounds of production the controllers were not supporting full speed, this is some years ago now though). However the cables that these cameras come with are short and hard to use in many situations, and extending USB 3.0 is not cheap. There are some chinese cables that work ok up 35 meters (I have some they are great but fragile and there is no way to repair them) or you need to get a proper USB 3.0 extension over fibre system and this is around €1k. Often it works out OK to have a small cheap computer with the kinectV2 hidden close to the device and sending data over a network to your show computer.

  • @fred Thanks for that extremely comprehensive review! So the best option would appear to be?!

  • Tech Staff

    Watch out.. This is only the Adapter and not the actual sensor.