• Hallo Isadoristas, I need some help.

    Yesterday I streamed a live concert from my school through OBS to FB. The sound engineer refused to give me his better quality audio signal due to the delay to be expected.
    I ended up using my own primitive microphone to record my "own" audio signal. It worked, but I am not satisfied. 

    It made me think: Could one use Isadora to delay the life video to sync it with its external recorded audio?

    Could Izzy measure the delay itself and sort this out (and send it out to Spout/Syphon and into OBS?)

    How would you do this?

    Best wishes to the lovely community, 



  • i think it doesn't matter what your audio source is, FB delays the audio to sync it to the video. there's a 30 second delay whilst the video gets encoded, but the audio is always in sync. check out how it can be used creatively
    the problems come when you want to use different streaming systems for audio and video. i once did a show where the musician was in a different country, using SoundJack to get his audio onto stage. the latency of this was about 2 seconds less than the VOIP system we used for the video, so we had to factor that into how the performance worked. i tried out using a Video Delay in Isadora to try to sync things up, but, in the end, it wasn't necessary. (SoundJack now has a video option as well as audio, but i haven't tried it yet)

  • @tomthebom OBS has both audio and video delay capabilities. Maybe it is easier to do it there.

  • @dbini I am not talking about the delay between sending/streaming and being published. I am talking about, how to sync a video with a delayed audio BEFORE it gets published via OBS to FB.If the stream does not provide a synced audio with video it will be the same once it is published on FB...

  • @fred

    Thanks for the tip. I found it under Edit/advanced Audio Properties. That should make it easy to solve the problem through OBS.

    Sorry for being stuborn, but my question was more focused on, how to solve a problem like this in Isadora... ;o)

  • Tech Staff

    @mc_monte Has been doing a bunch of tricky things with streaming video with synched audio and may have some insight.