• Hi fellow Izzyers,

    I predominately use Izzy on a laptop (for portability) and am finding the space available on one screen limiting to display all my controls, including movie selection/bin picker.

    One option seems to be to extend the control panel across a second screen. another would be to design part of the control panel interface with TouchOSC and put it on a tablet or iPad and then have the tablet/iPad communicate values back and forth with the computer via OSC over WiFi (as suggested by @Woland in this recent post).

    Am keen to hear of others experiences extending their control panel across more than one screen.

    Rgds, Mr J

  • Tech Staff

    IDEA 1: TouchOSC + Tablet/iPad

    As I stated on the other post, you can move some of your controls to a tablet/iPad and use TouchOSC.

    IDEA 2: One Isadora Patch, Two Control Panel Scenes

    You can click in between Scenes in the Scene List to split the Control Panel, giving each Scene its own Control Panel. Using one or more background Scenes for your content, (activated with Activate Scene or Activate Scene Amount actors), you can use as many Scenes as you want to make individual Control Panels that all affect your content Scenes. Putting labeled Button Controls connected to Jump Actors will allow you to easily navigate between your Control Panel Scenes. Each Control Panel Scene needs to have an Enter Scene Trigger connected to an Activate Scene actor to activate your background content Scene. 

    Here's an example patch with multiple (primary [dark blue]) Control Panel Scenes and just one (secondary [light blue]) content Scene

    • Scene 1 (Effects) & 2 (Snapshots) are separate Control Panels that both affect Scene 3 (Content)
    • Scene 1: Video Effects Control (Primary [dark blue]) uses Control IDs 1-29 (30 and 31 are used to navigate between Control Panel Scenes)
    • Scene 2: Snapshot Control (Primary [dark blue]) uses Control IDs 995-999 (30 and 31 are used to navigate between Control Panel Scenes)
    • Scene 3: Content Scene (secondary [light blue]) uses Control IDs 1-29 and 995-999 (30 and 31 are used to navigate between Control Panel Scenes)

    If you use multiple content Scenes, you'll need to make another background Scene for scene control with Activate Scene Amount actors and Envelope Generator actors so that you can fade the different content Scenes in and out from each Control Panel Scene.

    Here's an example patch with multiple (primary [dark blue]) Control Panel Scenes and multiple (secondary [light blue]) content Scenes.

    • Scene 1 (Effects) & 2 (Snapshots) are separate Control Panels that all affect Scenes 3, 4, & 5 (Content). 
    • Scene 1: (Video Effects Control) uses Control IDs 1-29 and 33-46 
    • Scene 2: (Snapshot Control) uses Control IDs 995-999 
    • Scene 3: Scene Control (secondary [light blue]) uses Control IDs 33-46 to adjust the intensity of the content scenes
      • Scene 3 is a background Scene, controlled by Scenes 1 & 2, that adjusts the intensity of the Content Scenes.
    • Scene 4: Content Scene 1 (secondary [light blue]) uses Control IDs 1-29 and 995-999
    • Scene 5: Content Scene 2 (secondary [light blue]) uses Control IDs 995-999 
    • Control IDs 30 and 31 are used to navigate between Control Panel Scenes

    IDEA 3: Two separate Isadora Patches on Two Screens

    Control IDs work across Isadora patches, so if you've got:

    • Display 1: VJ Patch (with actors using Control IDs 1-999) and Control Panel (Control IDs 1-450, for controlling your bin pickers)
    • Display 2: A second Isadora Patch with your second Control Panel (Control IDs 451-999, for controlling your video effects)

    The split of Control IDS I gave was completely arbitrary, but this should work if you don't want to put it all in the same patch and use multiple Control Panel Scenes.