Disable Tip of the Day and all warnings, run demo mode automaticalled without clicking yes.

  • I am preparing a show where I am running Isadora 3USB on three computers. I can't have the USB in three places at once and I will be running the show from scripts. I need Isadora to open in demo mode without asking permission. Is that possible? I know we fixed this somehow with 2 for another show but I think it involved tech support. I also want to turn off the "Tip of the Day" and the pop up warning about missing or misplaced User Actors. I have tried to follow the instructions for fixing the user actor issue with no success. This is a HUGE show that is happening on a super accelerated timeline so any help you can give would be awesome.

  • @nandada for the Tip of the day go to Menú-View-Tip of the day-show tips



  • @nandada

    download the standard version of Isadora and you can run it in demo mode without dongle and without message asking permission. Of course you cannot save change.



  • @nandada I just had the same question: https://community.troikatronix...

    I would like to add that you may have to get info on the file and change the "open with", otherwise it will default to isadora USB because you used it to create the file.

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    For running Isadora on computers in an installation-type setting:

    Isadora > Isadora Preferences > Warnings > Warnings > Disable all warnings

    Isadora > Isadora Preferences > Warnings > Automatic Updates > Automatically Check for New Versions > Never

    Isadora > Isadora Preferences > Auto Save > Autosave > Disable auto save

    Isadora > View > Tip of the Day > uncheck “Show Tips”

    System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Start After: > Never

    System Preferences > Mission Control > uncheck “Displays have separate Spaces” (then log out and back in)

    System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Turn on Do Not Disturb > enable “From: [TIME] to: [TIME]” > set it to “From: 1:01 am to: 1:00 am” (to always keep it in do not disturb) 

    System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Turn on Do Not Disturb > enable “When display is sleeping” + Enable “When mirroring to TVs and projectors”

    System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > When Do Not Disturb is turned on: > uncheck “Allow calls from everyone” + uncheck “Allow repeated calls”

    System Preferences > Energy Saver > set “Computer sleep:” + “Display sleep:” to “Never”

    System Preferences > Energy Saver > uncheck “Put hard disks to sleep when possible”

    System Preferences > Energy Saver > enable “Start up automatically after a power failure”

    System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Turn Wi-Fi Off (if you don't need it)

    System Preferences > Network > Bluetooth > Turn Bluetooth Off (if you don't need it)

    If you're running the computers without any keyboard or mouse attached (and want to prevent system dialogs looking for a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth), go to System Preferences > Bluetooth > Advanced button > Uncheck "Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant if no keyboard is detected" + Uncheck "Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant if no mouse or trackpad is detected" > select OK.

    The Taskbar being visible can be solved by going to System Preferences > General > enable “Automatically hide and show menu bar”

    The Dock being visible can be solved by going to System Preferences > Dock > enable “Automatically hide and show Dock”

    If you're controlling the computers by networking them together, it's much better to use Cat5/5e/6 (ethernet cable) to wire them all to an ethernet switch rather than relying on Wi-Fi.

    If you don't want any other windows to open when you restart the computer, go: Apple > Log Out [USERNAME] > uncheck “Reopen windows when logging back in” > Log Out

    If you want Isadora to launch a particular file when you turn on the computer:

    1. System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > “+” Button > in the dialog, go to Applications > Isadora 3 > and select Isadora to add Isadora (or the specific Isadora file you want to launch on login) as a login item.
      1. If you want to launch Isadora and have it launch the specific file itself, go
        1. Isadora Preferences > General > Startup Action > Open Most Recent File
        2. Isadora Preferences > General > After Loading File > Activate First Scene + Show Stages after 10 Sec.
        3. This has the advantage that if you save a newer version of the file, Isadora will open the newer version automatically, instead of you needing to remove the old file as a Login Item and insert the new file as a new Login Item.
    2. System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > Remove any other login items not necessary for the installation
    3. System Preferences > Users & Groups > Click the lock (bottom left) > enter password > Login Options (lower-left) > Choose an account from the “Automatic login” menu > enter password. 
      1. Computer now automatically logs in to that account on restart.
    4. If you have multiple partitions or are launching from an external drive, make sure you restart from the correct partition by going to System Preferences > Startup Disk > Click the lock (bottom left) > enter password > Select the correct partition from which to boot.
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