• Hiya fellow Izzyists,

    I've recently created a step sequencer patch which lets me toggle 9 buttons on/off to select which are enabled in a repeated sequence... but i've been going round in circles over the last couple of days trying to figure out why the first button in the sequence sends "true" out of the comparator highlighted below, whether it's on or off? Something to do with the initial timing i think? Have also included the patch below and screenshot of the 1st button's settings.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Mr J

    Step Sequencer (ver 23).izz

  • i've slowed down the rate of the first Envelope Generator to 5 seconds so i can see what's going on but would normally have this set to 0.1 seconds

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    @mr_j said:

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Try initializing values if you don't want them to trigger. I initialized that full row of Comparators' value 1 at 0.


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  • Thanks @woland appreciate your help but the first toggle button is still not behaving... whenever it's turned off its comparator (top of that full row) still generates a true AND false output??? i think it must be getting a 1 fed through by the router (from its previous state when it was on) before the 0

    BTW: whenever the first envelope generator finishes its cycle its end trigger is used to send zero's to that full row of comparators

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    I've taken a look at your patch, and I don't see the behaviour you mention, the first Comparator appears to output the value that is expected based on the received input.
    However, the patch itself is not very clear to me how it works. It seems to me that you are building an array/list and might have issues due to the time based elements.

    I think you might be better served using the Data Array earlier to manage the list of values. Or perhaps using JSON and Javascript to allow data management.

  • Hi @dusx the top comparator in the second row outputs "true" when there's a match but "true" and "false" when there isn't... as you say i think its a timing issue and its input is actually going from 1 to 0 very fast, hence causing true and false output

    i've managed to create a work-around by increasing the first router's number of outputs from 9 to 10 and also the first table's number of inputs from 9 to 10 and then ignoring the first of each, as per this updated patch Step Sequencer (ver 25) workaround.izz which now achieves what i was after

    rgds, Mr J