• Hi, this question is a bit off topic: Due to CoVid I need to find a setup to prepare 5 streams of 10 min length with 15 min break in-between to Facebook with very short notice.

    I was thinking of using OBS and streaming to FB, but so far it seems, that FB only accepts a single stream with no breaks...

    Is there any way to set up 5 streaming keys?

    Does anyone have some advice? 

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    Maybe have your performers use the virtual webcam app to send their live content into separate Zoom or Skype calls (instead of having them be streams), then use Isadora or OBS to pull in each feed separately from the video calls, then Isadora or OBS as a mixer and use the virtual webcam app to send the final output to a stream.

    The other option is to see if you can get your performers to pre-record their content and send it to you as a video file, as then your job just becomes simple playback. This is certainly the easiest option (so long as the performers don't need to interact with the audience).

  • @tomthebom Instead of properly breaking the stream, can't you just keep streaming a black screen or holding image? Often on long live streams with breaks there will be an event image in between content

    What type of content is being streamed? @Woland's ideas of mixing live webcam feed through Isadora or have video files play natively in OBS both sound good!

    (Or if you really want separate streams... is 15 minutes enough to re set up the stream key again and again? Could you 'rehearse' resetting everything, or is that crazy?!)

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    @django said:

    is 15 minutes enough to re set up the stream key again and again? Could you 'rehearse' resetting everything, or is that crazy?!

    Maybe you could start the process of creating a stream key and stop short of the final step so as to minimize the time needed to setup the new stream? Google may also have some answers about how to combine streams into a single stream. I know that clubs have to be doing that these days, since I've seen them stream multiple DJS at the same time and allow you to pick which stream you want to watch.

  • Thanks for all your help. It all went very quick and dirty, but we avoided direct life streams which made it much easier and more structured to manipulate the videos before streaming... Best wishes to all of you!