• The iPhone is full of sensors, so why not use them. The App SensorLog for instance has the possibility of OSC output..... and can monitor several sensors

    like the gyro, device motion, decibels or altimeter.

    Does anybody has an idea how to do that?

    Thank you for any suggestions, Hendrik.

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    Hi Hendrik,

    thanks for the information about SensorLog App looks interesting.

    Possibly the most common App used with Isadora is Touch OSC. It has been around for a long time and there are how-to’s available within Isadora help repository.

    Another that is very good is GyrOSC it provides easy access to the iPhone sensor data. If you are unfamiliar with connecting devices with OSC, check out the Isadora website ‘Help’ pages and tutorials.

    Best Wishes


  • @bonemap

    Hi Russell, thank you very much. Both apps work fine, TouchOSC is easy to program, stable and reliable. GyrOSC works as well but the sensors are very sensitive even with the smoother at max.I was thinking of using it for motion captures the range of the Kinect and Orbbec sensors is very limited.

    Will keep you posted, Hendrik