[ANSWERED] Avoiding Color Banding

  •  I reformulate here a request than I made some time ago in an other thread: getting a way to avoid color banding.

    Indeed, Motion blur, on some textures, makes 'spots', that is 'colour banding':

    It is possible to avoid such color banding e.g. in Max/Jitter just by forcing textures from 'char' to 'float32'. 

    I presume it is possible to offer the possibility for Isadora's Motion Blur to do something similar.

    Many thanks!

    Best wishes to all in these difficult times!


  • Tech Staff

    At this time Isadora uses 8bit video textures. This means the values are on the range of 0-255, and floating point is not supported. We hope to offer higher bit depth image processing in a future release.
    Only recently have high performance codecs become available/popular for live 10bit video, so we are looking into these options as well.
    These are priority features as we move forward.