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    For the next show I'm looking for a budget option to run the show. I'm now creating the show on my MacBook but to tour the show they need to buy something new. 
    I was thinking to suggest a mini PC (something like a Mac mini).

    Does anyone have any good recommendations? 
    We would need:
    • 4 HDMI: 1X 4K projector 2X FHD projector 1X monitor (can be small)
    • Play 2X 4K Video's HAPQ alpha at the same time + 2 FHD capture devices (USB)
    • Network port
    • It only has to run Isadora no other Sofware.

    Thank you
    Gertjan Biasino

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    @DusX Could our configuration for the Zotac Z-Box handle this?

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    @Woland said:

    <p>@DusX Could our configuration for the Zotac Z-Box handle this?</p>

     Yes, our Zotac systems are capable (nice portable gaming systems), as well the Intel Nut with and Vega is another option.
    This is the current Zotac that is similar to our testing machines: https://www.zotac.com/us/produ...
    A little larger is the MSI Trident 3.. I have used it for some shows and liked it a lot.