[ANSWERED] How do you copy Controls from one Isadora window to another other and preserve the Control ID numbers?

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    Hi there, 

    Isadora 3.0.7 (latest stable), Windows 10, Standard edition (not usb)

    I was copying some Control elements from one Isadora file to an another Isadora file and it caused all my Control IDs (and I have around 60 UI elements in this patch) to renumber themself and start at Control ID 1..

    Personally I dont think is meant to do this right ? When I copy and paste I think that all properties of the Control element should be the same.

  • Dear Juriaan,

    to avoid this you have to disable "Auto renumber ID conflicts" in the controls menu from the target project.



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    Lovely thanks :) Didn't knew about that feature. Still wondering why this is default on and not off ?

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    @Juriaan said:

    Still wondering why this is default on and not off ?

    Because when it's off, if you duplicate/copy+paste Controls within a document because you want more of a particular Control or set of Controls, it doesn't increment the Control IDs of the new Controls. Copying Controls within a document and wanting them to get their own Control IDs is a more common use case than wanting to copy Controls between documents while preserving the Control IDs, which is why it's enabled by default.

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     Just renamed the thread and moved it to "How To" ;)