[ANSWERED] OSC or Midi triggering Isadora via web for teleperfornance

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    thanks to Mark and the screen capture actor we can do teleperformances, but what if I want to send orc to another remote machine via the web? I think the complete work on Isadora as a Teleperformance tool can be really augmented with such a thing. Can we do that in Izzy ? Not as far as I understand, but what workaround could we use ? My Intuition would suggest to send the orc data out into a text formatter that sends to tcp/ip, but I never really used the latter. Am I dreaming ?



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    This is indeed a hot topic at the moment.
    A recent post contains a couple possible solutions.


    We are also looking at other possible methods of remote communication ;)

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    thanks! I missed the other post. I’ll follow that. There are interesting leads