Cyber Pac - Channel Power is low

  • Hello All.
    I am Using Izzy with Cyber Pac and wondering if anyone else using it has had a similar problem and found a fix?

    All four channels are working - however, the first channel has about 10% of the output of the other 3, and this doesn't appear to be a MIDI setting coming from IZZY.
    If you look at the LED channel power indicators on the front of the unit, channel #1 is about 30% the brightness of the others.

    Curious if any other users know if there are settings for this, or if this is a Cyber Pac bad channel.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    I don't think i've ever come across a ' Cyber Pac' could you send us a product link/more info?

    Sounds like a specialist piece of MIDI hardware?
    I will help you if I can.
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    Ah; is it the Elation Cyber Pak?

  • Maybe that's an output limiter issue : a feature inside Cyber pack's menus. I don't know these dimmers but I used this feature on quite similar product. But used DMX.
    Can you try to drive it with DMX ? Just to see if it's a midi issue ?

  • Hi Skulpture - Elation it is. I couldn't afford the LanBox but am moving that direction asap.

    In the mean time, Fifou - this was my assumption. Some kind of limiter within the unit. But their manual is absolutely useless.. so I was hopeful to find someone else who has come across this issue prior. No DMX board at this time either...

    Thank you both for your input.

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    I had a look at their manual too and couldn't spot anything.

  • Thnx!

  • I've used the cyberpaks before, but not with Isadora. I don't think that there's a way to limit the output on board the unit.