Best phonecam app for remote multicam ?

  • Hi, 

    I'm looking for the best solution (low latency good quality and cheapest) to get 4 iPhones cams into izadora, wire or wireless, 
    Few years ago, I used to stream through epoccam multicam, but @kinoni stopped development, now the app is on the store developed by "corsair component"...
    Before spending much time I money, would some of you share their tries with actual multicam apps ?


  • My favorite for now is NDI CAM from Sienna  , I used it intensively on several shows, it is to my point of view more reliable, cheaper and will less lag then NewTek NDIHX Cam that I was using before.  You can have as much cam as your network can handle in the same time. I tried with 3 and it work great, since you don't use the maximum HD 1920x1080 quality, or accept some delay and freeze.

    NDI actor in Isadora is still in beta but works great.

  • @laurentr

    I tested NDICam on 4 iPhones, via laptop network I'm loosing a few frames time to time, test with a router get smoother results... and after a day testing I had no connection loss ! when losing connection quitting the app it snaps back instantly !
    I have to say the config with isa NDI 4 watcher beta (I'm on 3.0.7.) is just amazingly simple ! 

    Now I'm a bit puzzled regarding the Speed/quality fader, do you know if there 's any way to set the definition sent from phones? 

    Thx a lot! 

  • @laurentr

    Hi measuring image output size, the quality speed fader goes:1920/1080,1280/720,960/540,480/270
    Though with lowest resolution 480/270 on 2 iphones 5, and 1iph8, 1iph6s streaming 960/540 each,
    I can get better results on 2 separate Chanels using 2,4 ghz and 5ghz...
    Though it's still losing frame I don't know wether it comes from isa, iPhones or the wifi router... 

    [my router DLINK GO-RT-AC750 /Wi-Fi speeds of up to 750 Mbps is connected with 10/100 fast Ethernet to computer on an Inateck gigabit ethernet usb3 hub...

    Thanks for your help ! 

  • @bennnid

    I am using TP-Link Archer C7 1300 + 450 ghz, connected to the MAc thru a Usbc ( or USB2 on another config if I remember well) to ethernet converter and the 3 iphones were set to 960/540. And yes, sometime, it loosing frames... And sometime not! I am not expecting magic from this configuration so I assume some lost, and I guess I'd use a different ( and much more expensive! ) technologie if my employer asked me for a perfect result and can afford the price of good cameras connected to quality Newtek Wifi HDMI/NDI converter, for example.

    I saw Newtek updated his own phone cam and, good news, is "offering" again an Android version. I wonder if it gives better result, but sadly there is no demo version to try it, and it cost 20€...