• Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used the LiDAR sensor for spatial tracking (either with or without Isadora)? Basically, I'm considering purchasing one, but I have yet to actually see let alone use an iPad Pro. One feature that is compelling is the idea that I might be able to use it in a way that is similar to the Kinect camera that I use with Isadora --maybe we could send data to my computer with TouchOSC or something. This would be for various Isadora projects that I do with my students. While the sensor on that model of iPad certainly isn't the only reason that I am thinking about a new tablet, it could make the decision to be self-indulgent this xmas a bit easier. I'm a teacher and trying to convince my employer to purchase one for me to experiment with has hit a dead end unfortunately! COVID broke the budget for awhile. My courses are lower on the priority list than many other basic classroom technology needs this year.


  • @kirsten I have not, but maybe this has some intel on the capabilities.