• Hi there, 

    I have a confusing issue with a large project. 

    I'm using Isadora as a media server, projection span and mapping for a large digital show. I'm working with around 100 media assets rendered through after effects. I am working from a windows PC gaming computer setup. The show runs off a 3 projector span. 

    I've been using the HAP codecs for my outputs of After Effects, as it provides a nice file size and good playback with Isadora 3. 

    Until recently I had no issues with the project. However last week i noticed serious issues. Isadora began to refuse to playback certain files. The scene with these files would refuse to load, and the media library would grey out the file indicating it could not be played back. I have tried renaming the the files, reimporting them but to no avail. 

    I did a little trouble shooting and worked out it was the files which I had composited with additional particle systems from media asset packs. These are premium assets from Action VFX so I'm a little annoyed that they wont work! And even more confused that they did work earlier in the project! 

    Has anyone experienced similar issues with media playback? 

    Could this be a codec reading issue from my computer? 

    Many thanks 


  • Edit - 

    I rendered the problematic files using an alternative Codec and it seems to have done the trick. 

    I'm very confused as to why this happened though. Has anyone else ever experienced sudden playback errors of this nature? 

  • @grimvisions said:

    worked out it was the files which I had composited with additional particle systems from media asset packs

     Did you render these out using *exactly* the same HAP codec settings as you did with the other assets you'd rendered out from AE?

    Was it just Isadora that wouldn't play back these files? What about other media players on your computer? VLC for example? Did they play back OK with that?

  • @mark_m

    Vlc experiences a crash as soon as I open the files. But then will play them. However VLC will crash it you attempt to 'scrub' the file and jump to a different position. 

    It's a head scratcher! 

  • @grimvisions what was the alternative codec that you used which appeared to fix the problem?