Macbook pro 2019-Tape C to DVI

  • Hi everyone!
    question to McOs users. laptop macbook pro "16" -2019.
    Is there a stable tape C to DVI adapter?
    HDMI - everything works well, it is DVI that is needed. Advise who knows and checked.
    if I understand correctly, the fact is that Apple does not support -USB-C devices with DisplayPort ALT mode. Or am I wrong?
    thank you! and a good day to all!

  • @Cacoos

    HDMI and DVI are protocol compatible. If you don't find any USB-C to DVI you can allways use simple HDMI - DVI Adapters.

  • @cacoos said:

    DisplayPort ALT

     I actualy don't realy get this ALT mode thing discussion. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

    Anyway, I can tell from my own exeperience, that the Macbook Pro 16" 2019 can deliver all usual display signals. HDMI, DVI, DP. For all of those you'll need propper adapters which support the wanted display resolution and refresh times. Except direkt USB-C to USB-C which needs the cable to support videotransfer (alt mode).

    DP itself is a bit more complex, as it separates in versions and lanes and therefore can be tricky to manage in certain combinations of output and input device, as well as for the cables.

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    I have recently had to find a solution for mini display port using a MacBook Pro 16”. I tried a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adaptor from Apple, but this adaptor is not compatible with mini display port so when I connected a mini display port to hdmi adaptor to the first adaptor it did not work. It did not work with a mini display port to dvi adaptor either. I found that I could use a thunderbolt 3 hub such as the OWC thunderbolt 3 hub or the Caldigit thunderbolt 3 hub. Both are compatible with display port adaptors. For example I was able to use a matrox TripleHead2Go DP edition using the Caldigit TB3 hub for a recent show.

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  • @bonemap 

    You are right, this is one of those pifalls about USB-C and TB standards. As each is a standard for both, wires and signals, both does not always include every aspect of it. You always have to look twice what these cables and adapters do and don't.
    MiniDP and TB2 where the begining of it. MiniDP and TB2 share the same physical connector, but back then as MiniDP came first, those could not do TB2 but nearly every TB2 included MiniDP.

    Nowadays with TB3 and USB-C it is even more complicated. As USB-C TB3 supports miniDP/DP but most USB-C to TB2 Adapters don't, as they only want to do the Datatransfer part and no video. As far as i know, the original Apple TB2 adapter doesn't do any of the video signals, but Datatransfer/TB2 devices only.
    The other way around, most USB-C Dockingstations and Hubs only have a MiniDP port witch look like TB2, but only do DP (and NO other signals) even if you go with an MiniDP to HDMI or whatever adapter.

    To wrap it up. TB3 USB-C on Macbooks does support nearly any type of data and video. But the culprit lies in the capabilities of the cables, adapters and HUBs.
    Therefore you can find such thinks like USB-C to miniDP adapter USB-C to miniDP adapter.

    You can even buy USB-C cables, that only does USB2 but no other signal!

  • thank you all very much for the answer!!!
    everything you have good and healthy!

  • @dillthekraut

    I was curious about the idea, if there is MiniDP to DP adapters, shouldn't it work the other way around as well?! So here is just some Adapter fun 🤪; If you already own a USB-C to DP adapter, you could go with this DP to miniDP adapter (No garantie that this realy works 😜).