[ANSWERED] How do I cancel my subscription

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    I created an account about a year ago for the theatre I was working for. Since creating the account the theatre has all but shut down. We were charged a renewal fee and were not expecting it. The theatre cannot afford it and I have been desperately trying to figure out how to cancel the subscription and get a refund. Is there a number to call for customer service?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    There is not a Telephone number, there is a Ticket system that gets replied to asap within Business hours ;)

  • Tech Staff


    Check the first emails you received upon purchasing your subscription, one of them (I believe the one from FastSpring) has a link that allows you to cancel your subscription.

    If you're having trouble finding it there, please create a ticket using the link in my signature and our licensing and sales staff will explain how to cancel your subscription in greater detail.

    Best wishes,

    L Wilson-Spiro