Focusrite 8i6 3rd gen ok with soundlevel watcher but no go with frequency bands and watcher

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    this is, I think, my first post here. Apologies if its the wrong topic or some such thing. In any case, I'm trying to get Isadora to react to different frequencies. In theory this should be easy and when using my macbook microphone with the frecquency watcher or the frequency bands actors everything works fine (although even that seems jittery and I have no way of telling ow smooth the read is supposed to be). When I plug in my Focusrite 8i6 3rd gen, however, the frequency watchers simply go haywire as if it was constantly sending signals even when I'm only plugging it in and not sending a signal at all. If I send the focusrite signal through the sounds level watcher, however, everything works just fine and the watcher reacts to audio when I'm sending and stops when I'm not.

    I know for example that only the two front ins of the scarlett is read by Isadora and Modul8, so I was kind of hoping that someone here has had similiar issues and knows a fix. Or, even better, that I'm simply missing something here. I'm on a 2019 macbook pro running catalina.

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    I use a focusrite Clarett pre8 with Isadora. When doing frequency analysis I use multiple Audio Frequency Analysis Watcher modules and calibrate specific frequency ranges using the available parameters. If there appears to be a lot of sub frequency noise in the frequency bands being able to specify frequency ranges with the frequency Watcher can provide a better filter than the automated division of the Bands actor.
    With audio input through the live capture setup, I have found that the gain control is critical for mitigating input sources. Using the Smoother actor is also a common practice to remove jitter from frequency streams. There are some really informative posts buried in the forum and I highly recommend doing a search to dig out previous posts using the key words Audio Frequency or similar. Searching for answers in this forum is one of the quickest ways to make informed decisions about the capacity of a specific feature in the Isadora application as it relates to your hardware setup.

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