• Izzy Guru

    So, just incase any of you missed it Apple gave a sneak preview of the new Mac Pro. Looks along its stunning, the thermal core allows the heat to rise up and pull cold air in. Brilliant design... 

    **Cylindrical design, 12-core Intel Xeon E5 CPU, flash storage, Thunderbolt 2.0 and support for up to three 4K displays!!!**
  • Izzy Guru

    6 thunderbolt ports; thats 6 outputs alone (and a HDMI for monitor) BUT as we know; put six matrox tripple heads or a datapaths X4 on the end of each thunderbolt.....
    6 x 3 (matrox) = 18 + 1 monitor 
    6 x 4 (datapath) = 24 + 1 monitor
    _(not forgetting the HDMI can have an matrox or datapath on it too!)_

  • I agree Graham how innovative the new beast is, but worry about the lack of T-Bolt peripherals. Amazing video capabilities from what I can read!

  • Izzy Guru

    I think the Thunderbolt 'things' will come in time. We have the hard drives and capture devices already here. Granted they need tweaking and are not perfect in some cases but they are here.

    The only complaints I have seen so far is people saying the circular design mean sit will be hard to put in a case.... I don't see this as a problem at all. They are so small you can easily make a medium flight case fit around it. 
    Secondly; that the expansion is all external and that you can't expand inside the unit. Again; I think with the thunderbolts its worth carrying another box around as you will be rewarded with 20Gig per second speed. 
    I can see why people might be annoyed by having no internal space for PCI cards thought.
  • Beta Tester

    I'm super excited about this although I have a strong sense of foreboding regarding its pricing. I also wish they had left space for a couple 2.5" internal drives. It would be nice to be able to buy a multi thousand dollar computer without needing to immediately buy a $500+ thunderbolt raid too. Also, for the record the HDMI output on macs is limited to standard resolutions so you can't use them with triple heads. That will probably be the case for this too but it doesn't matter because that can be for the operator monitor anyway.

  • I did try a tripple head to go and got more than 1920x1080 (actually 2x) with an older matrox. on a retina macbook pro.

  • Beta Tester

    Hmm. I stand corrected. I my understanding was that the Mac Mini is limited and I guess I assumed that extended to the rMBP as well. I'll have to try that on mine.

  • I was quite surprised, HDMI implies video standards only so Sd or HD. However it functions more like a DVI port- pretty handy. I never used it, just plugged it in as it was lying around and was surprised to see it register 2 full outputs.