New sample ZoomOSC->Izzy project in add-ons

  • Today I uploaded a sample project to the Add-Ons section that includes some convenient user-actors dealing with ZoomOSC.

    I called it ZoomOSC-Names-To_Video (which I just noticed I named with dashes and an underscore just to confuse you... sorry).

    There is a key User Actor in it that translates zoom names into video outputs.

    I haven't made a tutorial to help clarify how it all works, but the gist is that there are many Global Values that store all the information about each user in the Zoom meeting using ZoomOSC. There is some code that calculates how to crop out all of the individuals from a zoom gallery, then users Broadcasters to send out all of those cropped videos. Then the above user actor uses the names to find the position in the gallery and pulls the video from the appropriate Listener.

    I tried to encapsulate everything in relatively small User Actors so there's no single giant thing to understand, but the learning curve can be steep for someone new to Isadora.

    You can find me in Slack at Liminal Power Users if you need help understanding it.



  • @peuclid 

    Your work is really great. This actor is a fundamental tool from now on when it comes to remote performances. Gratitude...Thank you very much !!!

  • @ril

    I hope this works well for you.

  • After helping some others, I see that I didn't give info about how to set up ZoomOSC to work properly with this. Since it manages the user info based on ZoomID, and uses the /zoom/list command, you'll need a few settings in ZoomOSC turned on:

    OSC Output Rate: (at least) 10ms

    Galler tracking mode: TargetID

    Here are my full settings to compare: