Announcing Isadora 3.0.8 - macOS Big Sur Compatibility, New Features and Improvements

  • We are pleased to announce the release of Isadora 3.0.8. This is primarily a maintenance release that ensures compatibility with macOS Big Sur and addresses bugs, but also includes numerous improvements to existing features and one major new feature: multichannel audio routing with the Sound Player actor. This feature will be expanded to work with the Movie Player actors in the next release, but to see what you can do right now check out this new knowledge base article. For a full list of improvements and fixes, please see the Isadora 3.0.8 Release Notes.

    You can download this new version from our Get It page.

    We are notifying users about this release gradually. Today, in the forum, later this week on social media, and first thing next week via an email to all users. If you have any problems at all -- from simply downloading this new version to something more serious -- please alert us immediately by opening a ticket with the support team.

    Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to our incredible beta testers who have not only pointed out bugs along the way, but offered invaluable insights about this version as it was in development.

    Thank you to all for your generosity and enthusiasm.

    Onward and forward,
    The TroikaTronix Team

  • @mark Bravo !! And Thanks again...



  • @mark 

    Thanks so much for the update to get Isadora compatible with macOS Big Sur!

    Are there compatibility issues needing to be addressed with Macs running the new ARM chip, or will this update provide compatibility for both Intel and M1 Macs running Big Sur? I'd be interested in helping beta test anything still needed to get Isadora compatible on the M1.



  • Tech Staff


    From the Isadora 3.0.8 Release Notes:

    Big Sur Support

    • Isadora 3.0.8 adds full support for macOS 11.x Big Sur.
    • On computers with the Apple M1 chip, Isadora 3.0.8 will run in emulation mode.
    • A version of Isadora that runs natively on the M1 chip is in development.

  • Congrats on the new release, and thank you Mark and the Izzy team so much for all the work behind this.

    I just took some time to read through the new release notes and skimmed through the whole Izzy 3 release notes as a review/refresh my memories, and wow, I'm still reminded by how many good stuff are there that I sometimes forget to try them out and embody them <3 :) 

  • Beta Platinum


    Some great updates! The Izzymap and mouse watcher improvements will help me a lot.

    The Live Capture updates are massive too! 4k capture woohooo!

  • Dear All,

    We've released a hot fix for two problems dealing with the new Audio Features. Please go to the Get It page to download Isadora 3.0.8f11.

    Best Wishes,