Isadora 3.0.8f11 is Available (Audio Feature Fixes + Record to Movie Fix)

  • Dear All,

    We've just released Isadora 3.0.8f11. (The previous version was 3.0.8f09)

    Users @jamdraka and @jfg brought two problems with the audio features to our attention, both of which were serious enough to instigate an update. In addition, we were able to integrate a few more fixes, including a random crash when recording movies on macOS brought to our attention by @Lauri

    Thank you to all who have brought these and other issues to our attention.

    You can get this new version from our Get It page.

    Best Wishes,
    The TroikaTronix Team

  • Wonderful news - thanks. Just a note that when moving from f09 to f11, I had to download (again) and install the FFGLs. Easy enough and all is well!