• hi,

    I made a quite complexe patch, Controls communicate with matrix values and broadcaster between activate and current scene to benefit from scène fade function..

    The problème is that I use midi controlleur or/and Isadora control panel, so I have several input points I have to « merge «  somehow....

    I thought about a data array to store each control as a value in a text file and use différent lines for each scene... so that I can load/recall any scene if I modify the patch or need to see the continuity on a xls file

    But I m Already afraid of too many wires and trigger values to send the to data array and write them... and re route values out to each parameter...

    Maybe I should dedicate a série of broadcaster/listener for each control to be output also in data array ? 

    Any hint or methodological approach is welcome

    Thanks a lot! 

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    Not entirely sure I understand, but maybe this will be helpful.

    You can put an entire Scene's worth of actors into a User Actor, feed an intensity into that User Actor (which you'll use to control the intensity of whatever's inside) and connect the fade-ins and fade-outs to a User Actor On/Off so that when a User Actor is faded out to 0, it's deactivated.

    Alternatively, this thread might be useful for you: https://community.troikatronix...

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    I think you might find this article useful: https://support.troikatronix.c...
    The method described is still useful, and rather powerful (especially if you want to sort your data using Javascript at some point)
    however, it may be easier now to use the two new JSON add-ons.

    1. JSON Bundler BETA
    2. JSON Parser BETA

    Both available here

  • @dusx

    Thanks I know nothing in java maybe that s the moment I should dive into!


    I m quite happy with Isa scene management . I m afraid creating macro for each scene would drive me to a lot of wires for controllers...

    I use a background scène to receive dmx, video and sound of each scene activated ...

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    @bennnid said:

    I know nothing in java maybe that s the moment I should dive into!

     The article walks you through some pretty easy and reusable scripts. Read once and use often :)
    But the JSON actors can provide the same group/ungroup functionality. Both are great ways to join related links so that you don't have to make a million connections between user actors.

  • @dusx

    yes thanks! I take good mark of this encouragement link;-)

    I will feel more relax with the datas of the show stored in a text document,
    if I need to change the patch after the scene progression has been recorded, it won't be a big deal to modify the architecture..