• Hi guys,

    I am finding myself using OSCListener and all is not going well. I would like the actor's output signal to go from 0 to 100 to better modulate the parameters to which I connect it.
    I understand that the output signal from the actor varies in decimals and I know that with a Limit-Scale-Value or a Calculator you can moderate the range.
    But on what parameters should I set the Limit-Scale_Value to obtain an output range of the signal from 0 to 100?
    And with Calculatur ???
    Then someone can tell me why as soon as I insert a Calculator in my patches, how do I maneuver it a minimum, everything crashes ???

    Thank you very much for the attention

    Best wishes

    macOS Catalina 10.15.7_MacBook Pro 15" 2018_intel i7 6 core 2,6GHz_16 GB RAM 2400 MHz DDR4_Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB_Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

    Isadora 3.0.7

  • @dako-ark

    hi, can you send the part of your patch in question? I'm not sure I  understand why the 0 100 output of limit scale is a problem, 

    do you need to get an integer number for your parameter? if so, you can use a float to integer actor, 



  • Tech Staff

    @dako-ark said:

    obtain an output range of the signal from 0 to 100?

     OSC has a default range of 0 through 1.0 so the Limit-Scale Value actor needs to be told this initial range, and then the range to scale it to.
    This looks like: 

    Now, you should not be crashing when you move an actor around in your file, so please use the support link in my signature to submit a support request, and one of our tech team will assist you ASAP.